Office Safety - Orientation
Office Safety - Orientation
Office Safety - Orientation

    Office Safety - Orientation

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    It is easy to think of an office as a safe environment. Especially when here are no machines or heavy equipment to worry about. But office environments are hazardous, and most accidents happen because, one assumes, they are safe. When you work in an office, you must know what the potential hazards are and how to avoid them.


    Potential Hazards

    Office hazards come in many forms and from many places. These include Electrical Hazards, which often happen due to improper wiring; Collisions, Slips, Trips and Falls, which occur when people aren't paying attention, or they trip on objects; Poor Lighting, Accidents on Ladders, Stairs and Stairwells, Office Equipment, Chemical Misuse, and even fire.


    Workplace Violence

    Everyone, no matter what profession they are in, has the right to a safe work environment. This includes any treatment that is threatening or puts one in a submissive position. It is never OK for a boss or co-worker to yell at you, and no sexual abuse of any kind will be tolerated. OSHA has rules and regulations on office environment and these should be posted for all to see, along with contact numbers if you help beyond a supervisor.


    Safety Precautions

    Almost all accidents in office environments are avoidable. By paying attention, and showing a few common courtesies, you can go a long way to keeping your office safe. These include things like pushing in your chair when you leave your desk, shutting the filing cabinet drawer when you are done, moving objects out of the way when you see them blocking an entrance or pathway, keeping your work space tidy, and cleaning up a spill you see on the floor. This may sound simple, but it is the absence of these acts that accounts for almost all office accidents.