Machine Guarding - Orientation
Machine Guarding - Orientation
Machine Guarding - Orientation

    Machine Guarding - Orientation

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    We use machines in almost every operation done today. From using a screwdriver, to driving a car, to operating a hand saw, every tool we use has an application and protective measures to keep us safe. All machines can be hazardous, and machine guards keep us safe. Machine Guards are what stands between you and the tool you are using and come in many forms.


    Machine Hazards

    Machines operate though a combination of motions and actions which can be broken down into  three main areas: The Point of Operation, The Power Transmission, and the Moving Parts.


    Types of Guards

    Machine Guards serve as the barrier between you and the tool you are operating and they come  in many forms, including, physical barriers, devices, automated feeding mechanisms, machine  location and miscellaneous aids.


    Personal Protective Equipment

    Personal Protective Equipment, or, PPE, are devices worn by the worker, such as goggles or a  face mask. PPE protects the user from flying debris, sparks, fumes and moving parts. PPE will  vary depending on the machine or tool you are using and can include gloves, steel toed shoes, barriers, and ear protection. Always inspect your PPE before using it as wear and tear can  reduce its efficacy.

    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester