Do you know how powerful one minute of video is?

Just sixty seconds of video is equivalent to 1.8 million written words in our ability to comprehend and retain the information presented

Online Training is already difficult enough for many companies to utilize. The use of powerpoints, cartoons and animations as training tools only furthers that frustration. The top response we hear from potential clients is how they hate any type of online training because it’s not effective, not personalized and doesn’t actually teach the employee how to keep themselves safe.

Our goal is to solve those problems and we do that by bringing the most important part of training: the human connection. Video provides us the opportunity to not only instruct and scale learning to a wide audience quickly, but it also aids in significantly increasing comprehension and retention versus other online training solutions.

Video brings back the human element, allowing us to impact the employees through real, live examples. Instead of clicking through a slide PowerPoint, they’re seeing an actual workplace, with actual employees, completing the action safely.

We offer custom onsite production, semi-custom videos and all of our current library is video-based and is available for our customers to use. If you have a specialized training need, we can help solve that challenge through our approach to curriculum development, using video as the forefront tool.

Stop Just Checking the Box

Compliance is only the bare minimum of what you should be doing. Utilize the latest in video and technology to create online training that ACTUALLY teaches employee’s how to work safely.

Through our competitive pricing, you can utilize an onsite production crew to develop your company’s specific training and orientation, or utilize our off the shelf library or footage to find the best fit.

We work with every client to solve their training challenges by always placing employees and the human connection, at the center of any training we produce. Our onsite staff have over fifteen years of video and course development experience. We always utilize industry-specific experts for the topics being produced and work with clients to incorporate their specific policies and procedures.

STOP being satisfied with the bare minimum for online training and instead, invest in your employee’s future with a video based safety program.

Video Production IS Affordable. Discover How Today!