What Do We Provide?

Training Courses

100% video based curriculum exceeding OSHA, DOT, and EPA based compliance. Multiple access options from DVD, Video on Demand, and Subscription based solutions. 90+ filmed and produced in the last three years.

Video Production

Our in-house production team can create customizable training to meet your company’s exact policy and needs. Including semi-custom and branded training platforms, we have the ability to create any media and training type desired.

EHS & LMS Suite

Proprietary and fully customized learning management and safety software system. Includes course engagement, detailed team and admin reports, easy team management, and proprietary branding solutions available!

Let’s start with a conversation.

We work with every client to develop training solutions which go beyond compliance, solving risk & behavior based problems while focusing on employee safety & retention.

Who is Safety Instruct?

We are a safety training company founded on the belief that relationships with clients in this industry are sorely lacking. We’ve set out to change that. For us, it’s not about selling videos or curriculum; it’s about providing our customers a quality, custom training solution through a proprietary two-pronged approach. This approach is designed to effectively train employees through video while providing you intuitive, yet powerful, safety management software to cover every facet of your organization.

We are relationship focused when it comes our clients, employees and our business. We care deeply about the end solution solving an actual problem.

Why Choose Us?

My start in the safety industry began over fifteen years ago, but the mission has never changed: providing the highest quality product and service possible.

How do we do that? 

By focusing on solving actual problems in the each client’s organization.  We grow and improve with every account we have.  Our goal is the safety of every employee in your organization.

Safety fails from culture and confusion without the support of a complete system. We solve these issues by implementing safety programs focus on retention and comprehension.

Why Our Platform?

There are hundreds of online training, recordkeeping and reporting solutions today for organizations to choose from. We understand it can be exhausting, confusing and frustrating process.

What separates our software?

Our mission is always people first. We developed this platform to have a clean, intuitive interface which is designed to let companies large and small scale it to their exact needs. Companies can be training their employees in minutes, but have the flexibility to expand and customize the platform as the organization evolves.

Still Not Convinced?

We get it. Hundreds of companies are going to try and sell you.

We always provide value first.

Take a look at our video preview to the left and if you have three minutes to fill out our survey about where you see issues with safety, software and online training (we’re always looking to improve!) then gain free access to the video.

Did we mention no contact information is required?

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