We manage the entire training and software experience.

We overcome your challenges by leading every step of the process.

Don't let your online training fail!

Online training and safety solutions fail for companies because of three major reasons: implementation, frequency and support.

Implementing the training program, employee information and previous records are sometimes such a difficult hurdle, it fails to take off before it even begins. Plus, the content never seems like a great fit and "compliance" is the only goal of program, instead of it focusing on keeping people safe.

After the excitement of a new platform and training, the ongoing management can be a massive hurdle, from who will be overseeing it, who will be following up with employees and who will implement changes as the workplace evolves.

We are involved throughout the entire process to not only continue the management of your solution, but also to evolve it as new challenges present themselves. Our goal is to partner with you, for long term success to ensure each of your employees is going home safely.

Online training fails from a lack of quality content, lack of frequency and lack of encouragement from management.


MANAGED Solutions

We provide fully managed software as a service to help you through every step of the online training process.


DATA Management

From the beginning, we work with you to import and modify all of your employee data, adjust the training programs to adapt to your needs and provide the customization and support you need for ongoing data management success.


SAFETY Expertise

We work with you to manage your safety and compliance program by overseeing and managing it with daily support, recommendations and an in-depth monthly assessment.

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