Incident Investigation - Orientation
Incident Investigation - Orientation
Incident Investigation - Orientation

    Incident Investigation - Orientation

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    In every workplace today, there are injuries, accidents, and near misses. Each of these factors can be prevented through awareness and training. The only way to continue to work safely is to implement corrective actions and to allow these to evolve to the changing landscape of your workplace.


    Investigation Principles

    The true purpose behind investigating is to provide a company, and its employees, the opportunity to identify hazards in their workplace. Once the knowledge of the root cause is known, then corrective action can be implemented to fix the issue moving forward.


    Investigation Cause

    Before beginning any investigation, focus on investigating the program, not the behavior. It is important to determine if the result of an issue lies in the original safety and health programs implemented. This eliminates the possibility of human error or a behavior being the root cause of an incident.


    Investigation Program

    If a serious incident occurs in the workplace, everyone will be dealing with multiple issues. A pre-existing written plan, including a regular discussion of each step, is essential to working safely and keeping everyone informed.


    Investigation Process

    The system’s approach to any investigative process is only the beginning of the numerous questions which must be asked, but it can help to identify and filter the most important ones.