Hazard Communications - Orientation
Hazard Communications - Orientation
Hazard Communications - Orientation

    Hazard Communications - Orientation

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    Chemicals are used daily in almost all workplace settings. Each type of chemical, regardless of its use, has hazards. These hazards can lead to a variety of health issues, from mild to severe, and to work safely you must know and understand the chemicals you are using. Your Safety Data Sheets will provide this information, along with everything you need to know about the working with and around the chemical.


    Globally Harmonized Systems (GHS)

    The Globally Harmonized System was created to unify and simply all the information one needed to know about working with chemicals safely. The GHS created a standard where all workplaces must keep Safety Data Sheets for every chemical in the workplace.


    Safety Data Sheets

    The most important component of the Globally Harmonized System is the Safety Data Sheet. This is a standardized packet of information required for every chemical in use. All SDS contain information on where the chemical came from, how to use and store it, what its properties are, and how to handle spills and exposure. Safety Data Sheets have 16 pieces of information that will always be presented in the same order.


    Personal Protective Equipment

    When you work with or around chemicals you will be required to wear Personal Protective Equipment. This equipment is designed to limit your exposure to the chemical and protect you if there is an accidental spill or release. Knowing how to use PPE correctly will go a long way to keeping you safe.