Front-End Loader - Orientation
Front-End Loader - Orientation
Front-End Loader - Orientation

    Front-End Loader - Orientation

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    Front end loaders are one of the most used types of heavy equipment. These machines are found in a variety of industries completing a magnitude of different tasks. This course will cover the following objectives: inspection and maintenance, operation and awareness, common hazards, and incident prevention.


    Inspection & Maintenance

    Before ever operating any front-end loader, you should always complete a daily inspection of the equipment. While also occasionally ensuring that properly scheduled maintenance is performed routinely and accurately. 


    Operation & Awareness

    One of the most common incidents from operating a front-end loader, actually occurs before you even start the engine. Entering, and exiting the cab should always be completed with extra precaution. Always maintain three points of contact with the loader as you ascend or descend


    Common Hazards

    There are three common types of front-end loader incidents that can result in serious injuries or fatalities: Struck by Incidents, Caught-In or Between Incidents, and Tip Overs. The best way to prevent these common hazards is by situational awareness, using a spotter and taking your time during any workplace task, providing ample opportunity for feedback from other personnel.


    Incident Prevention

    There are a few ways in order to help prevent common incidents when it comes to a front-end loader. Watch your speed, take care to watch where you place any piece of your body to avoid pinch points, steer clear of the area before moving the loader, and more.