Dump Truck - Orientation
Dump Truck - Orientation
Dump Truck - Orientation

    Dump Truck - Orientation


    Dump trucks are utilized in nearly every major industry around the world. Dump Trucks increase the productivity and efficiency of many workplace tasks through the handling of bulky, large and heavy loads of a variety of materials, these can be earth, construction, rock and even some types of waste. How do you keep not only you, the driver, safe, but how can you protect those who are working around the dump trucks as well?

    Pre-Work Inspection

    Before driving or operating a dump truck, you must ensure that you have completed a thorough pre-work inspection. As a part of this process, an inspection log should be maintained to document any issues with the vehicle. These inspection logs often include a checklist as shown here and are typically turned in at the end of each month unless there is an issue that requires immediate attention.

    Driving Safety

    Nearly 160,000 people are injured in large truck accidents each year in the United States. Weighing in at 33,000 lbs. or more, carrying heavy, uneven loads, making frequent stops and often working early in the morning when streets are still dark, driving a dump truck can be extremely dangerous. Additionally, there are numerous hazards to consider when driving a dump truck on the job site itself.

    Site and Operational Safety

    Once you have arrived at the dump site, there are several key safety practices to consider before, during and after the dumping process. Always maintain focus when operating a dump truck, a single moment of distraction could spell disaster for you or those working around you. Integrating safe operating procedures is vital to your organization's ability to work safely.