Defensive Driving Safety - Accidents & Breakdowns

    Defensive Driving Safety - Accidents & Breakdowns

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    Being rear ended is one of the most common accidents today. And it happens because the driver in the rear was following too close. Being rear ended is scary and dangerous. It is always unpleasant and results in whiplash, sore muscles, and often a crumpled up car. There is a formula for how much distance you need to allow to provide adequate stopping time but few people follow it, thus causing fender benders every day. Other accidents can be more severe such as being side swiped, and they are always the cause of someone not paying attention or someone making a bad decision, such as turning left in front of on coming traffic. To drive safely you must pay attention at all times and be aware that others are most likely not paying attention. Being broadsided, being rear ended, all accidents are scary , all accidents result in injury, and many result in death. No matter what type of accident has occurred, you must immediately notify the police and if you can, Turn on your hazards /flashers immediately to warn others of your location and if you can, get off the road.. It is illegal to leave the scene of an accident if you were involved or you were a witness. Make sure you exchange insurance information or let the police exchange it for you. If you have a camera, document the scene. And remember, no matter who was a fault, both parties will probably be freaked out. Stay calm and be polite, even if it was not your fault.

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    Material: 100% Polyester