Company Commitment - How to Educate Management

    Company Commitment - How to Educate Management

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    While most management will agree that safety training is important, many companies do so because they are afraid of paying an OSHA fine, which can easily run $13,260 per offense. Unfortunately, this means that the focus of safety training is often minimal, covering only what is needed to be compliant. While covering compliance is critical, it’s never enough. Safety procedures typically encompass machines, personal protective equipment, and training but ideally, they should also include a risk and behavior assessment. This assessment can help identify potential incidents. A few incident reductions per year results in a net positive gain for the company in overall cost savings. Regular training is also an important factor in reducing costs. Studies show that 40% of employees who received little to no training left their company within the first year. However, studies also show that an employee’s productivity is increased when they receive regular training. Discuss with management on the best safety products and services necessary to keep your employees safe. Be sure to emphasize the short and long-term cost reductions of safety training.

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