Chemical Fume Hoods - Laboratory Series
Chemical Fume Hoods - Laboratory Series
Chemical Fume Hoods - Laboratory Series

    Chemical Fume Hoods - Laboratory Series


      Each day, laboratories conduct countless experiments using a variety of chemicals and substances.  In many of those situations, the combination of chemicals and the types of experiments being conducted can output many hazards. Usually, these hazards can create a dangerous cloud of gas based chemicals that could potentially harm an employee or anyone else who is near the experiment.  A chemical fume hood is in place to protect you, and those around you, from the off gassing and possible hazardous mixtures that happen during these tasks.


      Fume Hood Operation

      Inhalation is a major route of entry for chemicals into the human body.  Chemical fumes and vapors can enter the bloodstream, and small particles can lodge quickly into our lungs.  The primary purpose of a chemical fume hood is to reduce the exposure to those hazardous fumes, vapors, gases, and dusts.


      Risks & Exposure

      There are many risks associated with the operation of a Fume Hood and various forms of exposure you can encounter. In order to help avoid such things, there are preventative measures in place.


      Incident Prevention

      Similar to other equipment, always inspect the chemical fume hood before operation. This will help in ensuring in lowering the amount of safety hazards you can encounter. If available, you should always test your chemical fume hood’s alarm, check any connected electrical devices, and more.

      Color: Blue, Purple, White
      Size: 20, 24
      Material: 100% Polyester