Back Safety - Orientation
Back Safety - Orientation
Back Safety - Orientation

    Back Safety - Orientation

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    Back pain is one of the leading causes of injury in both the workplace and general industry. It afflicts nearly two-thirds of the current workforce and is one of the most common reasons for missed work. 


    How Your Back Works

    Your back is one of the central parts of your body, becoming the information highway for  how transmissions are sent. Each action you do corresponds to a response in your back  and can positively or negatively impact it.


    Causes of Back Pain

    Back pain is a direct result of over exertion and over straining. The repetitive nature of  the same tasks can quickly aggravate or create injury.


    Safe Lifting & Sitting

    Through lifting, carrying, and setting the load down, back pain prevention begins with  awareness and training. Sitting with proper posture, distance, and with your back against  the chair are ways to avoid back pain from just sitting.


    Prevention & Relief

    You want to develop habits which not only help aid against back injuries, but also build  up a tolerance to prevent it. However, many additional factors, such as nutrition and  exercise, play a major role in the back’s ability to protect itself effectively.