Back Safety - Refresher
Back Safety - Refresher
Back Safety - Refresher

    Back Safety - Refresher

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    Back safety has become one of the leading causes of workplace injury and loss of worker productivity. Through repeated movements, improper lifting, and the urgency to complete tasks, employees are hurting themselves every day.


    Common Injuries

    Most back injuries occur from over exertion and straining of the back muscle. This can happen  because the same task is repeated over and over, or a worker over exerts him or herself. Even  simple tasks can cause injury because a worker may go on autopilot and forget to pay attention.


    How to Avoid Injury

    The best way to avoid injury is to take your time and be aware of your environment at all times.  It is also important to be aware of how back injuries can occur and what causes strain. It is also  important to review any injury to learn how it happened and how to avoid it in the future.


    Safe Lifting & Moving 

    Picking up an object correctly, being aware of your posture while you move the object, and  setting it down correctly, are all critical to back safety. Being rushed, or not paying attention,  assuming a box is light, or lifting by bending over all lead to back injury.


    Preventive Care

    Avoiding injury begins with having a healthy body and a clear mind. Not only to help you lift,  sit and move safety, but to help you make clear, definitive choices. Always avoid hazards to  your health, such as smoking and drinking when you are at work, and be aware of the simple  things that could affect your back health.