Online Training Which Works

Safety training continues to evolve from the classroom to DVD to online. With each step, additional tools are implemented to enhance the training experience, with a focus on comprehension and retention.

We provide the most customized and proprietary training experience in the industry from off-the-shelf packaged solutions to providing you complete flexibility and choice in each step of the training. From registration to group management to administrative reporting, our platform provides the highest quality online employee health and safety training available.

Why Does Online Training Fail?

Simply put, it’s because of three reasons:

  • Poor Content
  • Difficulty to Access
  • Cost to Implement

We solve each of these items by listening to what you are actually trying to overcome.  Our video-based library, or sourcing through other publishers, provides us the flexibility to provide you with the highest quality online training content available.  We pair that with our flexible, intuitive online platform, where you can go from logging in to training in just two clicks.

Our goal is ALWAYS to make the process as easy and frustration free as possible.  We further aid in that approach by providing fixed employee costs for training access, and some of the most competitive pricing solutions available today.

Over fifteen years of delivering e-learning content has provided us with the experience to anticipate challenges, deliver curriculum effectively and grow with you to help your company scale it’s online footprint.

Learning Management Features

  • Easily Train from your Computer, Tablet or Smartphone
  • 100+ Video Based Courses Included to start
  • Import 3rd Party Publisher Courses
  • Automated Recordkeeping and Reporting
  • Extensive analytics, automated notifications and more!
  • In-depth Team Management
  • Course Scheduling, New Hire Automated and More!
  • QR Code Integration
  • Intuitive Online Course Builder
  • Mass Import Users
  • Mass Import Legacy Training Data
  • Fully Branded Portal
  • 100% Customization of each and every process

Environmental Health & Safety Features

  • Qualifications Management for external certification
  • Mass Import External Certification Data
  • Create workplace task procedures for internal processes
  • Extensive Forms Management
  • Inspection and Audit Entry Data
  • DOT Based Regulations
  • Asset Management
  • Safety Data Sheets Management
  • Fully Branded Portal
  • 100% Customization of each and every process