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All of our services are focused completely on one goal: everyone going home safely!

Safety Consultation

One of the biggest struggles for companies who are implementing training and safety is where to actually begin. With dozens of companies providing solutions and countless approaches, it can be challenging to understand which route is best.

We begin every conversation by actively listening to your current challenges and understanding the objectives you need to be successful. Unlike other providers, we're focused on a long term, managed solution to work with you to keep your employees safe through training, effective data management and evolving software solutions.

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Online Safety Training

Online training is one of the most difficult challenges for companies, because of the large variety of options, expense and then implementation. Our proprietary software is designed to be intuitive and effective, with the ability to implement into your company in a matter of days.

We work every client to customize and adjust our software to meet their exact needs, this includes importing employees, legacy data, and then customizing your safety programs, forms management and more.

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Video Based Training

One of the ongoing challenges with online training is the quality of the content being provided. Many training companies default to a narrated powerpoint, animation or cartoon to achieve a larger course library and develop courses "efficiently."  The result is a poor product that doesn't help your employee with retention or comprehension.

Our products are focused on showing REAL workers in REAL situations. We can also further semi-customize or customize training for your company by integrating specific policies, procedures and concerns that you need address. Listen to our CEO and Founder to understand how you can create an impact with Video Based Training.

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Video Based Content - Software as a Service - Full Customization

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It all starts with a phone call where we can learn about you, your company and the challenges you're trying to overcome.