Our Services

All of our services are focused completely on one goal: everyone going home safely!

Video on Demand Membership

Stop paying hundreds of dollars per DVD with our Video on Demand Membership solution. This allows you UNLIMITED access to our safety training library of over 60+ videos, with more being added each quarter. This is coupled with over 225+ training aids and resources, including pre-built industry programs to help you develop your safety strategy for your company. Safety Instruct is also available to provide FREE consultation in your company’s training compliance and engagement. Our membership is ONLY $149 per month! Less than the cost of ONE safety DVD!

Online Safety Training

Utilize our proprietary learning management system, InstructLMS, to exceed your compliance training needs. With either off-the-shelf or 100% customized platform solutions, we develop a program for you that caters directly to exceed your OSHA, DOT, and EPA compliance, while integrating interactive video based curriculum. Unlimited training for your employees begins as low as $199!

Safety Curriculum Development

Unlike other safety companies who only distribute or resell courses, we have the experience and opportunity to develop curriculum through custom video based production or by evolving your current operating procedures or company policies into an interactive solution. Our focus is always the same: the highest quality solution which leads to the best comprehension and retention of material for the employee.

Why choose Safety Instruct?

Video Based Content

The majority of training which exists surrounds narrated power points or heavy text-focused solutions for educating the worker. Video provides the highest caliber of content available to instruct the employee on safety.

Ease of Use

Many other learning management and online training providers are using off the shelf software solutions.  These online training platforms are designed to provide courses in any metric and industry. Safety Instruct’s proprietary system is designed solely for safety and compliance training.  The other struggle is how the systems are designed to be managed by a programmer or IT minded staff. In many companies, this role may not exist. Our platform is designed for non-tech experienced individuals to quickly understand the core tools and begin training within half an hour.


We work with each client to improve and customize the training platform, commonly through the following areas:

It starts with a conversation

It all starts with a phone call where we can learn about you, your company and the challenges you're trying to overcome.