Aerial Works - Orientation
Aerial Works - Orientation
Aerial Works - Orientation

    Aerial Works - Orientation

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    In many workplaces today, the use of aerial work platforms (AWP) or aerial lifts, is a common occurrence.  From their ease of use and portability, they are a popular choice to allow workers to reach heights quickly, effectively, and safely. There are a large variety of types, models, and options when it comes to aerial work platforms in the workplace. Each of these models have unique characteristics, purpose, and related operating requirements. With their widespread use, there is also a wide range of risks, exposures, and potential hazards that employees need to be aware of. 


    Types of Aerial Work Platforms

    Aerial Work Platforms are one of the most popular pieces of equipment used in the workplace today. Their application and use cover many industries and work environments. Each chosen based on the task and scope.


    Aerial Work Platform Inspection

    The pre-start inspection is necessary to review that the core components of your aerial platform are functioning properly and as expected.  This should be a detailed inspection and walkthrough of your equipment


    Aerial Work Platform Operation

    As you begin to prepare to operate your Aerial Work Platform, be sure to initially address any fall protection requirements.  Depending on the type you are using, fall protection is required for any type of Boom lift and may be required in the operation of other types. 


     Incident Prevention

    Aerial Work Platforms, like any other industrial equipment, require regular and ongoing training to ensure proper operation. Additional training by your supervisor, with the specific Aerial Lifts used in your workplace, is required to work safely.