Safety Program Development Safety Training

We feature a collection of safety training videos geared toward learning more about the dangers of not having Safety Programs in your environment. Each of our courses in the Safety Program Development Safety Training helps certify your employees by exceeding OSHA compliance and providing them with the skills they need to operate safely. They identify what the hazards are, ways to prevent future incidents, and more!


How To Develop a Safety Program - Company Commitment

Employees are the core asset of any company, and their belief that you are keeping them safe is, consciously or not, impacting every area of their work. Safety in the workplace is one of the most central, yet also the most assumed, aspects of a job. However, safety training is often cast aside by management in favor of areas they believe have more of an impact on profit, margins, and staying competitive.


  • Introduction
  • How to Educate Management
  • How to Develop Culture
  • How to Maintain Awareness

How to Develop a Safety Program - Plans & Processes

After you have conducted a workplace survey and review, it's time to put together a safety plan and a process for implementing it. This plan should state the company's commitment to its workers and to workplace safety, as well as what is expected of management and employees. It should cover all the possible scenarios and events which might take place and the expected response to those events.


  • Introduction
  • Prevention & Control
  • Written Plans
  • Emergency Action Plan

How to Develop a Safety Program - Workplace Risks & Hazards

Before you can develop a successful safety training program, you need to be fully aware of the specific types of hazards in your workplace. Since each industry is different, your training needs will need to be tailored to your workers and environment. Unfortunately, most companies only cover a basic compliance and fail to go into the specifics unless as issue or incident arises. While this approach can save money, it hurts worker morale and lays a poor foundation for how an employee will be seen and considered.


  • Introduction
  • Workplace Assessment
  • Workplace Survey
  • Workplace Review

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