The Value of Maintenance and Safety

by Daniel Wilder on September 29, 2022

For many companies, the initial investment of a safety and program development may be a quick sell, they see the current prognosis and realize they have to take the leap to not only keep their employees safe, but also to help their company succeed.

Yet one of the biggest struggles in many programs is maintenance.  The value of culture, and ultimately brand, carries a significant impact into many areas for a company.  As the person in charge of safety or training at your company, your responsibility is to highlight the continuing ways that it has a positive impact.

One of the most prominent today is the company’s outlook and brand.  If a company is actively promoting it’s stance on safety, training and employee development, there are countless positive effective outcomes.  Not only for attracting better employees, but also creating a positive image in the community on the priority of the people in the company.

With the age of social media, one disgruntled or hurt employee can cause significant damage to a company’s public image, even if it’s not true.

Without the foundation of safety and training being at the forefront of a company’s mission, it’s much harder to win back the public’s trust.  While in years past, many industries may not have these concerns, public scrutiny is more in-depth than ever, with the employer routinely being held responsible and the trust they’ve spent years, sometimes decades, building, vanishing with one major issue.

But, even if an incident does occur, with an active and engaged program already in place, it allows the company to quickly assess, and then respond or take responsibility.

This also provides the public with an informed response quickly and easily. Instead of a canned PR statement that the public sees right through.

Maintenance is also important because of the ever changing needs of employees and their workplace.  Constant discussion and involvement from management is necessary to evolving the safety and training program to be reflective of the other areas of the company.  If a new product or service is being rolled out, safety should be involved in the discussion as a cost parameter. Any new tasks or procedures will require evaluation and an assessment by management for how to do it safely, and train effectively.

The value of maintenance and keeping safety awareness in every aspect of your company is critical to long term survival. What are the methods you’ve discovered that have helped you?