Ladder Safety - Orientation
Ladder Safety - Orientation
Ladder Safety - Orientation

    Ladder Safety - Orientation

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    Ladders are so common, and so often used, that many people just grab a ladder and climb right up, unaware of the dangers they may be facing. Falls off ladders are one of the leading causes of workplace injury, so it is imperative that ladder safety is discussed in the workplace.


    Types of Ladders

    From painting a roof, to climbing into the attic, to ascending a building under construction. Each  of these talks will require different type of ladder. Not only are there many types of  ladders, there are also different classes of ladders from home sue to industrial.


    Ladder Placement

    How a ladder is placed plays a huge role in its safety, and different types of ladders have  different types of placement, from extension ladders that lean to stepladders that from a  triangle. Each ladder will have a different weight capacity and a different safe height.


    Working Safely

    All ladders come with instruction books, and you should read these before you use any ladder.  Know the type of ladder you are using and what precautions to be aware of. Know the three  point rule, and be sure to inspect the ladder every time you use it.

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