Kitchen Safety - Slips, Trips and Falls
Kitchen Safety - Slips, Trips and Falls
Kitchen Safety - Slips, Trips and Falls

    Kitchen Safety - Slips, Trips and Falls

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      Kitchens are high energy, fast-paced environments. Accidents are quite common in kitchens, particularly slips, trips, and falls. To work safely in a kitchen, you must understand how people move, how to move with them and where slips, trips and falls are likely to occur.


      Kitchen Operations

      Every area of a kitchen has a certain flow and movement to the workers. As food is taken from the walk in, prepared at the prep station, cooked on the line and delivered to the table, people are moving in and out of this flow all night long and to be safe you have to pay attention to where you are and where your co-workers are.


      How Accidents Occur

      Slips, Trips and Falls are very common in kitchens no matter which station you are in. Floors are often wet and greasy, tables are cluttered and people are moving about. To avoid slips, trips and falls it is important to pay attention at all times.


      Other Potential Hazards

      In an ideal work kitchen would be clean and safe at all times. But when a shift gets busy, people go on autopilot and often forget common safety measures. Also, things can get cluttered and messy fast, and the cleanup can be left until the shift slows down, opening up the door to more slips, trips and falls. But slipping on a floor isn't the only way injuries can occur, mats and rugs can cause trips, too.

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