CyberSecurity for Supervisors - Employee Practices and Policies
CyberSecurity for Supervisors - Employee Practices and Policies
CyberSecurity for Supervisors - Employee Practices and Policies

    CyberSecurity for Supervisors - Employee Practices and Policies


      Modern telecommunication technologies offer countless opportunities for businesses, but they also offer cyber criminals an open door to victimize your business, scam your customers and hurt your company’s reputation. Your ability to protect the company’s sensitive data assets, coupled with a continued trust in your business practices, products and the secure handling of your clients’ unique information impacts your profitability. With this much on the line it is critical that you safeguard your business against these online dangers by implementing clear, concise internal practices and policies for your employees, as well as any contractor who may come into contact with sensitive information or data.


      Employee Policies

      Employees are the cornerstone of any organization, emphasizing the critical need for comprehensive security measures to ensure they are adequately skilled, screened, and educated in cybersecurity. Cyber threats can target both employees and external contractors, highlighting the necessity of robust security protocols. It's essential to acknowledge the intrinsic value of all data and the pivotal role it plays in a business's operational, financial, and reputational security, stressing the importance of safeguarding it in line with privacy expectations.


      Fraud Protection

      Online fraud takes on many guises that can impact everyone, including small businesses, their customers, and their employees. Employee awareness is your best defense against your users being tricked into handing over their usernames and passwords to cyber criminals. 


      E-Mail Security

      Email has become a critical part of our everyday business, from internal management to direct customer support. The benefits associated with email as a primary business tool far outweigh the negatives. However, businesses must be mindful that a successful email platform starts with basic principles of email security to ensure the privacy and protection of customer and business information.


      Mobile Devices

      If your company uses mobile devices to conduct company business, such as accessing company email or sensitive data, pay close attention to mobile security and the potential threats that can expose and compromise your overall business networks. Many organizations are finding that employees are most productive when using mobile devices, and the benefits are too great to ignore. But while mobility can increase workplace productivity, allowing employees to bring their own mobile devices into the enterprise can create significant security and management challenges.