Communicable Disease Safety
Communicable Disease Safety
Communicable Disease Safety

    Communicable Disease Safety

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    Returning to work safely is important for millions of workers today. With the spread of COVID-19, as  well as the possibilities of other diseases, safe work practices are critical to keep employees and  customers safe. This brief training course is designed to highlight several ways you can easily protect  yourself, and others, by implementing safe work practices to reduce the spread.


    Workplace Measures

    There should always be workplace protocols in place to protect yourself and your coworkers. Work  with your supervisor, and your company, to understand the specific measures that are implemented to  either work remotely or work at location. 


    Social Distancing

    Maintaining six feet of distancing between yourself, and coworkers, whenever possible, is one of the  most effective measures against reducing the spread of communicable disease. This can also be  reinforced by reducing large gatherings. 


    Personal Protective Equipment

    While reviewing your workplace measures and procedures, there may be certain tasks or areas of the  workplace that require additional personal protective equipment, these are commonly either a cloth  mask, N95 mask or gloves. 


    Preventative Measures

    Handwashing is one of the most effective preventative measures against the spread of disease. This,  coupled with the decontamination of common workplace surfaces, will help in eliminating the cross  contamination of equipment.