Office Safety Training

We feature a collection of safety training videos geared towards learning more about Office Safety and how they incorporate in your work environment. Each of our courses in the Office Safety Training helps certify your employees by exceeding OSHA compliance and providing them the skills they need to operate safely. They identify what the hazards are, prevention, and more!


Office Safety – Orientation

Its easy to think of an office as a safe environment. Especially when here are no machines or heavy equipment to worry about. But office environments are hazardous, and most accidents happen because one assumes, they are safe. When you work in an office you must know what the potential hazards are and how to avoid them.


  • Potential Hazards
  • Workplace Violence
  • Safety Precautions

Office Safety – Workstation Ergonomics

We are all different. How we sit, how we stand, how far we reach to use the keyboard. All of us are shaped differently but most furniture and equipment are not. How you fit into your desk will be unique to you. Finding the right height, distance, and arrangement of equipment that fits you best is ergonomics. When you use it, work is effortless and easy? When you don’t, you’ll find yourself contorted, strained, and probably in pain. This pain can lead to serious medical conditions and loss of productivity. Luckily, applying the principles of Ergonomics is easy.


  • Musculoskeletal Disorders
  • Ergonomics
  • Workplace Conditions
  • Hazard Controls

Office Safety – Workplace Violence

One of the leading causes of death in the workplace isn’t from an accident, its from an act of violence. And in today’s high stress, face paced environments, acts of violence are on the rise. Every employee has a right to a safe environment, and one that is free from yelling, belittling, and the outbursts of others. You have a right to feel safe, secure and comfortable in your work environment.


  • Workplace Violence
  • Consequence of Workplace Violence
  • Preventing & Responding
  • Hazard Control

Office Safety – Electrical Safety

Electricity – it is so common and such a part of our daily lives, its hard to think of a world with out it. Every place you go, and all work environments will use it in some way. But electricity can be dangerous and even deadly. Knowing how electricity works and how to work with it safely is critical to avoiding accidents, injury and even death.


  • Types of Electricity
  • How Electricity Works
  • Electrical Hazards
  • Working Safely

Office Safety – Refresher

Although you may think of an office as a relatively safe place to work, offices have their own share of accidents. Most of these accidents happen when people are not paying attention, misusing equipment, not understanding electrical hazards and using ladders the wrong way, but office accidents happen for other reasons too. However, almost all accidents are preventable if you know where they might occur and how to avoid them.


  • Potential Hazards
  • Workplace Violence
  • Safety Precautions

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