Machine Guarding Training

We feature a collection of safety training videos geared towards learning more about Machine Guarding and how they incorporate in your work environment. Each of our courses in the Machine Guarding Safety Training helps certify your employees by exceeding OSHA compliance and providing them the skills they need to operate safely. They identify what the hazards are, prevention, and more!


Machine Guarding – Orientation

We use machines in almost every operation done today. From using a screwdriver, to driving a car, to operating a hand saw, every tool we use has an application and protective measures to keep us safe. All machines can be hazardous and machine guards keep us safe. Machine Guards are what stands between you and the tool you are using and come in many forms.

29 CFR 1910.212


  • Machine Hazards
  • Types of Guards
  • Personal Protective Equipment

Machine Guarding – Amputation Prevention

In every workplace today, machines are used for a variety of tasks and goals, from printing paper to manufacturing, to packaging. Machines make our life easier and more efficient. However, this productivity can come at a price. Machines, with all their complexity and power, also have the ability to easily injure and even kill you. Especially machines with extensive moving parts and those which are more powerful than a normal person. The risks, particularly of amputation, is high.

29 CFR 1910.212


  • Hazardous Components
  • Hazardous Motions
  • Amputation Prevention

Machine Guarding – Refresher

Machines are everywhere. From helping us overcome the hardest workplace tasks, to assisting us on the simplest, machines are an integral part of any job site today. However, any tool, no matter how simple can cause an accident. Every tool and machine you use will have guards in place to protect you and these guards come in many forms.

29 CFR 1910.212


  • Machine Hazards
  • Guard Types
  • Accident Prevention

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