Kitchen Safety Training

We feature a collection of safety training videos geared towards learning more about Kitchen Safety and how they incorporate in your work environment. Each of our courses in the Kitchen Safety Training helps certify your employees by exceeding OSHA compliance and providing them the skills they need to operate safely. They identify what the hazards are, prevention, and more!


Kitchen Safety – Orientation

Kitchens are high energy fast-paced environments. Accidents are very common in kitchens as one is working around hot equipment, sharp knives and other people, usually in small confined space.


  • Areas of a Kitchen
  • Common Kitchen Accidents
  • Safety Precautions

Kitchen Safety – Knife Safety

The number one cause of cuts in a kitchen comes from the improper use of knives. However, everyone who works in a kitchen will have to handle a knife at some point. Knowing which knife is best suited for the job, and how to use it properly will go a long way to keeping you safe.


  • Types of Knives
  • Common Kitchen Accidents
  • Safety Precautions

Kitchen Safety – Burns

When you work in a kitchen, and especially on a line, you are surrounded by grilles, flat tops, ovens, stoves and fryers. All of which can burn you in an instant if you are not paying attention. To work safely you must understand where burns happen and how to avoid them.


  • Where Burns Happen
  • Avoiding Burns
  • First Aid for Burns

Kitchen Safety – Slips, Trips, and Falls

Kitchens are high energy fast-paced environments. Accidents are very common in kitchens, particularly slips, trips and falls. To work safely in a kitchen, you must understand how people move, how to move with them and where slips, trips and falls are likely to occur.


  • Kitchen Operations
  • How Accidents Occur
  • Other Potential Hazards

Knife Safety – Foodborne Pathogens

Food Safety is critical to kitchen safety as the improper handling of food can contaminate and entire working area. With foodborne illnesses on the rise, you must know how to handle food, cook food, and store it properly. This is the only way to avoid illness and keep yourself, and your customers safe.


  • Food Sanitation
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Foodborne Pathogens

Kitchen Safety – Refresher

Kitchens are high energy fast-paced environments. There are multiple things happening at one time and most of this is occurring in a small tight space where ovens, grills and fryers are all going at once.


  • Main Kitchen Areas
  • Kitchen Precautions
  • Safety Hazards

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