Housekeeping Safety Training

We feature a collection of safety training videos geared toward learning more about the dangers of a dirty/crowded space in your environment. Each of our courses in the Housekeeping Safety Training helps certify your employees by exceeding OSHA compliance and providing them with the skills they need to operate safely. They identify what the hazards are, ways to prevent future incidents, and more!


Housekeeping - Orientation

You may not think of Housekeeping as being too important, but in fact, it can be critical to worker safety. If you think of your workplace right now, is it tidy? Are the aisles open? Is stuff put away? Believe it or not, many accidents can happen due to poor housekeeping. Keeping a clean, organized environment is important to worker safety, especially when it is an environment you are in every day, and probably navigate without thinking. But what if boxes are left out, and you trip? What if a drink was spilled and not cleaned up properly? Accidents caused by a messy work environment contribute to a significant amount of incidents a year. All of which could have been avoided by proper housekeeping and paying attention.


  • Introduction
  • Housekeeping Practices
  • Housekeeping Programs
  • Areas of Concern

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