Confined Space - Orientation
Confined Space - Orientation
Confined Space - Orientation

    Confined Space - Orientation

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    Workplace tasks take place in many types of environments. One of the most dangerous is a confined space. With limited movement, minimal entry and exit options, and the lack of airflow, normal workplace tasks become hazardous in moments. Even the simplest operation of a tool can be dangerous. Knowing how to work safely in a confined space is critical to your safety.


    Confined Space Standards

    Confined spaces are not designed to be worked in. Although tasks take place in them, they are designed for one person to go in, complete a task, then leave. Thy are not designed for continual occupancy, and they have very strict procedures to follow if you or a co-worker need to enter one.


    Permit Required

    Most confines spaces require special permits. The most common type is the Hot Work Permit. In a normal workplace environment, a spark isn't a major concern, but in an enclosed space, it can react quickly, consuming the air or even exploding. 


    Hazards & Conditions

    All confined spaces will contain hazards, and these will vary depending on the type of confined space you are working in and if you are in a space with multiple spaces and people. There are several terms to know of, no matter which type of space you are working in.