We listen first and can provide the ability to customize each step of the training experience, from curriculum to online testing to branding

Fixed Pricing

We work with you for a fixed one-time or recurring rate. Lock in the most competitive industry rates available for per employee video based training today

Video Based

Our training is focused on recent, industry leading video based curriculum to showcase real employees in real workplaces. No cartoons or powerpoints

Our Beliefs

Our mission is to simplify the safety training industry and make safety courses more affordable by offering a customizable suite of safety curriculum as part of a learning management system that allows employers comprehensive record keeping and reporting for one affordable monthly subscription.

Our Background

With over thirty years of combined employee health and safety industry experience, we are able to provide you with the most effective solutions, within budget, to not only exceed your needed compliance, but also improve your employees comprehension and retention of their curriculum.

Our Baseline

We ensure safety for your employees AND you through modern, customizable safety training curriculum and powerful record keeping and reporting in a proprietary learning management system available for an affordable monthly subscription.